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Mission Programs

Ministry on the Move’s Missions Program

Ministry on the Move’s Missions Program is a non-denominational Evangelical Christian ministry which exists to help propagate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill His Great Commission around the world. Our mission program works both independently and cooperatively with other like-minded minisry organizations to help extend Christ’s kingdom throughout the earth through providing volunteers, funding, resources and manpower.

Our Mission Program

We provide help, assistance and resources for housing renovation or supplying housing for individuals and/or families in third world and local disaster areas to insure safe and sanitary living consitions. As well, Ministry of the Move’s Mission Program offers:

  •    In the orphanages we fix roofs, install ceiling fans, replace windows, re-screen existing windows, fix or install plumbing along with many of the following.
  •    Provide Clothing
  •    Food and fresh water
  •    Health issues – provide funds to cover check-ups, and doctor fees to address diseases and outbreaks (measles, chicken pox, AIDS etc.)
  •    Dental – work with local dentist to get services pro-bono or low cost to designate a day for services for the identified community.
  •    Holiday Dinners: Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and Veteran Dinners
  •    Christmas programs and toys for the children
  •    Recreational programs such as basketball camps and leagues – after school programs from designed to keep the youth off the streets, out of trouble and to build relationships for our mentoring program. We plan on, in some low income areas, actually building basketball courts and maintain their soccer fields. We plan on provide uniforms, balls, hoops etc.
  •   Education and mentoring programs – designed to help the teens and all youth choose positive lifestyles and make positive life choices, address conflict resolutions, self-esteem building, family and school relationship building and “stay in school contracts”.